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Positive Displacement Mud Motors

In 2012, Newsco International Energy Services opened its Motor Shop and Repair Facility in Casper, Wyoming, USA. Another repair facility was opened in Calgary, Canada in the fall of 2012. The new facilities provide capabilities to build and repair mud motors in-house. This enables controlling the quality of repair and maintenance service as well as cost of drilling motor fleet, leading to efficiency and reduced downtime. The facilities are staffed with some of the industry’s top motor technicians. A top-of-the-line breakout machine ensures connections are not missed in the rebuilding process with correct specifications.

From the top down, the experience within our motor division is second to none.  As the Head of our Motors Division located in Casper, WY, Joe Ficken uses his 35+ years of mud motor experience to provide solutions to customers drilling challenges.  Our QA/QC Manager, Wendy Bressler has over 15 years experience in assembling mud motors for international motor companies.  She is recognized within the industry as a QA/QC expert.  Additionally, our technical support personnel possess the requisite domain knowledge to assist you in selecting the right size, speed and configuration of mud motors, jars and shock tools for your drilling requirements. This includes hot hole, invert, underbalanced, short radius and performance drilling applications.

The mandate of the Newsco Mud Motor Division is ‘Simplicity of Design’.  Newsco’s minimalistic design approach incorporates fewer parts which makes for reliable operation and short turn-around service times. Newsco Motors have three working components: the mandrel, the piston and the bearing adapter. This unconventional approach, combined with ingenuities and trade secrets, allows our motors to thrive in some of the toughest drilling conditions. These motors are proven to provide unparalleled performance in hot formation Bakken wells where temperatures exceed 175C/400F and vibration and shock exceeds 100Gs.

The Newsco Mud Motor Division offers 3 ¾” to 9 5/8” motors in every available power/torque ratio.  We also carry proprietary power sections for job specific purposes, leading to repeatable industry leading drilling speeds in the Bakken. 

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